Since 1953
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Lawn Maintenance

When you choose Seaver's Lawn Service you're choosing a team of experts who value attention to detail not only in your lawn's apperance but also the health of your plants.  Following are some of the finishing touches our team employs to ensure your final product gleams:
  • Comprehensive grass and debris collection and removal that includes mowing the grass, collecting it and delivering it to "green-inspired" composting land.
  • Extensive edging around flower beds, items in the lawn and other hardscape items removing all excess leaves and debris.
  • Impeccable lawn grooming focused on impressive appearance.
We also offer specialized services designed to ensure the longevity of your lawn and plants.  These include:
  • Spring and fall leaf cleanups
  • Weed and crabgrass control
  • Fertilizer and organic fertilizer
  • Lawn aeration
  • Lawn detatching
  • Pest Control
No matter what you need to ensure the health and beauty of your lawn, we have the experience and attention to quality to meet your specific needs.